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Fingerlings Vision: professional operation platform for Intelligent technology and fashion brand home furnishing.


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What kind of batteries does my baby monkey require?


It requires 4 x LR44/AG13 button cell batteries to come to life. Batteries are included.


How long do the batteries last in my toy?


They are designed to last for hours of silly fun. Your interactive pet will respond to touch, noise, and being picked up or shaken, but it also is designed to turn off on its own to conserve energy if it is not being played with. If your pet is not responding, try turning it off and on again. If it still doesn’t respond or is slow to react, it may need new batteries.


How do I know when my baby monkeys are out of batteries?


If your pet becomes slow or unresponsive, it may need new batteries. First try switching it off, then on again in case it is simply in energy conservation mode. If that doesn’t work, power OFF and replace all batteries with fresh ones of the same type (4 x LR44/AG13 button cell batteries).


What kind of screwdriver do I need to take out the battery compartment on my toy?


You will need a screwdriver with a phillips head to unscrew the screws holding the battery compartment on the back of your toy. The screwdriver is not included with purchase.


How do I turn on my toy?


Look for the power switch located on the back of your toy head, and switch it to the “ON” position.


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